Women’s sexual fantasies


viagra-2332If a person experiences sexual fantasies, we can say that this person has a high libido. This peculiarity shows itself especially brightly among women: those women, who more often give in to sexual fantasies, have more powerful sexual desire and get more sexual pleasure. Women, who give themselves up to sex fantasies during excitement, have more possibilities to experience orgasm.

So, if you imagine Angelina Jolie near you during sex with your wife, do not feel hard pangs of conscience, cause, possibly, your better half is with Brad Pitt at present. Don’t worry and don’t disturb them. Women have sex fantasies during sexual intercourse as often as men do.

What does it show? Don’t think that a woman is unhappy with a man, just because someone else is present in her fantasies. The fantasy helps a woman to intensify arousal. A woman can be satisfied with a man in all senses; however, fantasy increases power of orgasm and feeling of pleasure.

What women and men see in their sex fantasies:

1. Men are susceptible to imagine themselves with a great number of sexual partners at the same time. In their fantasies, they do love to change partners, while women in their fantasies, on the whole, stay with the only partner, although exceptions exist.

2. Men in their sex fantasies focus on a certain kind of sexual activity or parts of the body. Women, often have difficulty ordering their fantasies. Those are just bright feelings without any details. Women’s fantasies almost always get by without visualization of partner’s genitals. Women in their fantasies concentrate on their emotional reaction on any partner’s actions. They seldom can describe it, however, they give detailed description of their image, right up to clothes. Women, also, gladly describe feelings, which were caused by a fantasy.

3. A characteristic trait of women’s fantasies is their romantic furnishing: island, sea, wood, exotic flowers, waterfall, moon light and so on. Many women mention, besides, freedom of any external irritants as a mobile phone, for example, and so on.

Women often imagine themselves passive participants of sexual intercourse. However, that doesn’t mean that women dream how men take them by force. In women’s fantasies of this kind, a man should usually apply effort only to break woman’s resistance, and then behave gently, as women like, they don’t like rudeness.

5. Women’s fantasies more emotional, they reflect woman’s desire to be near devoted, caring partners. Men more often see themselves in fantasies with a few women, with strangers, who come and leave. In spite of the fact that women see in their fantasies some Brad Pitt, in actual fact, features of her husband or beloved are present in this image – only, so to speak, in Brad Pitt’s shell.

6. Women have bisexual fantasies more often than men do, since they have sexual curiosity towards the both genders.

7. Women’s fantasies seldom have any fetishes. If a woman wants new shoes very much, then her fantasy doesn’t turn into sex area, and just becomes limited to shopping.

How can you use sexual fantasies? Share with each other your sex fantasies, cause it will help you to realize some of them in reality. If you know about sexual fantasies of each other, you can make a surprise for your partner, realizing her/his fantasy.

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Last modified: December 16, 2017

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