The truth about sexual longevity of men


tru232At the age of 42-45, a man achieves an important psychological and physiological level. It’s an age when a man has achieved a certain social status and now main efforts are spent on their maintaining.

This period is waited by not only men, but by women, who have husbands older than women are. Will be able a husband to preserve sexual activity on the former level?

The first delusion: a man older than 40, taking up an important post and devoting the most part of his life to his work, shouldn’t even dream about a sexual longevity. No way! Sexologists maintain the contrary: the higher social status of a man, the more active he is in bed. He is not only sure of himself (it naturally keeps up sexuality), but, as a rule, follows a healthy way of life. The last researches, made in the USA, showed that social status of a man has greater importance for preserving of sexual activity, than general state of health. Departure from business, as a rule, becomes fatal for a man.

The second delusion: mature men need to change sexual partners oftener for sexual activity stimulation. Science showed that new relationships give men only troubles. A man gets used to a certain way of a relationship, a way of sexual communication. Change of a sexual partner is a real stress for such a man. Novelty, exciting in youth, now causes a subconscious fear of failure suffering with a new partner. Add to that, that only one woman from a hundred can get a real pleasure from the first sex. A sum of those negative factors disturbs a man to get a desired pleasure, and stress from failures accumulates, suppressing sexual power.

The third delusion: duration of sexual life of a man depends on a size of his genitals. Sexual constitution doesn’t depend on size of genitals. Here, working of the hormonal system is important in the first instance. And there is no connection between working of hormones and size of genitals.

The fourth delusion: it’s possible to defer dying down of sexual function using special hormonal preparations. Take no hormonal preparations without a doctor’s prescription (for prevention). Yes, shortage of sexual hormones is treated by testosterone preparations, however, it’s made only after making certain examinations and testes (under monitoring of a specialist). We want to say to those men who rely on artificial deferral of libido dying down, that the majority of researches shows that shortage of male hormones doesn’t always cause male menopause.

On the contrary, androgenic failure (shortage of male sexual hormones) isn’t always accompanied with dying down of sexual function. And one more interesting fact from this area, which, we hope, will stop admirers of a prophylactic hormones swallowing. A famous biologist Alan Fisher, experimenting with testosterone, injected this hormone in the brain of a male-rat, thus counting to cause a powerful sexual arousal. Imagine his surprise, when instead of attraction that rat got a maternal instinct – he didn’t copulate with a placed nearby female-rat, he began minding her!

The fifth delusion: impotence and male menopause are the same thing. Impotence and male menopause are not connected with each other. As it’s well known, impotence can be:

– psychological (cause by failure with a certain woman);

– organic (appears because of blood vessels blockage or shortage of hormones and so on).

Impotence may arise in any age. Lots of men experience male menopause absolutely calmly. Dying down of sexual function goes quietly and imperceptibly. About a half of men, older than 70, can have sex. Men with powerful sexual constitution save a high level of sexual activity until old age and even capable of fertilization. The bright example is Charlie Chaplin.

The sixth delusion: impotence is the end of a man’s sexual life. Don’t perceive impotence (especially early impotence) as a sentence. It’s necessary to undergo treatment. A modern medicine can help to prolong sexual life for a long enough period.

Psychological impotence can be treated on your own. Since sex is the only pairs’ process from physiological acts of a human, then its success depends on the both participants. Sometimes it’s enough to find another partner with more suitable temperament – and problems will go by themselves. If you have more serious psychological problems, you can consult a psychologist.

Organic impotence is treated by andrologist – it’s a male doctor, joined in himself sexual pathologist, urologist, venereologist, and even psychoneurologist.

Erection, because of taking those preparations, appears by itself, without a presence of a sexual object. Such a phenomenon is known as “priapism” (from the name of an ancient Greek deity Priap, always depicted with a large penis). A drawback: because of long taking such preparations, priapism can really arise. Somewhat gently Viagra effects – erection arises only in presence of a sexual object. Viagra has an effect during 4 hours.

Penis prosthetics, Priapism, Psychological impotence, Organic impotence, Fertilization, Male menopause, Delusions, Sex partners, TestosteroneAnd all the same the most effective way of solving problems with organic impotence is a penis prosthetics. Modern models of penis prosthetics – unlike the first samples – are not always in an erection state. In the basis of more perfect prosthetics hydraulic constructions are. No woman will guesses about presence of such a prosthetic if a man doesn’t tell about that. Despite high enough price of those prosthetics ($4000-$4500) lots of men are sure, that “The game is worth the candle” – about 30 thousand of operation are carried out annually.

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Last modified: December 16, 2017

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