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Attention: don’t confuse our product with real Viagra and don’t confuse our company with Pfizer Company that produces Viagra

Frequently Asked Questions upon natural viagra alternative

In what way does natural viagra alternative function?
Barrenwort (Forskolin) neutralizes the acetylcholinesterase what causes the increased level of the key neurotransmitters helping to enhance sexual appetite. Read more –

Does this natural viagra alternative heal erectile dysfunction?

Forskolin endorses sexual male function to be normal. In the same way as viagra does, the main chemical substance within Barrenwort Icariin raises rate nitrogen monoxide and neutralizes phosphodiesterase type 5, often shortened to PDE-5. In common with viagra, Icariin minimizes activity of PDE-5. The independent scientific studies have proven that Icariin neutralizes PDE-5 of about 1 micromolar based at the IC50 rating, when viagra achieves approximately 6.6 nanomolar and Levitra enjoys 0.7 nanomolar of IC50. Compared in a different way, the EC50 of Forskolin demonstrates 4.62 micromolar, and viagra is only .42 micromolar. Read also –

info4Is Barrenwort allowed for females?
Yes, natural viagra alternative endorses proper sexual life and increases sexual drive for both genders.

In what dosage is one supposed to take it?
Each pack has 60 tablets. Take 1-3 pills with a big cup of water around 2 hours before making love. The results of accepting Forskolin are sensed on the first try, staying in your organism for day and night. The maximum amount of pills recommended by us within 24 hours doesn’t exceed 6 ones.

What is inside pills?
Each table has 400mg of natural viagra alternative active substance concentrated in 20% Icariin. Do your best not to be deceived by counterfeits that have only Forskolin pulvis. The forgeries will produce a minimal result as you will have to take not fewer than 10gr of the medicine. If acquiring Fairy Wings in our site, you are guaranteed to obtain a high-quality product which reaches the 20x effect compared with usual powder.

What will my sensations be like when I accept Forskolin?
The most obvious experiences will include higher sexual appetite and enhanced sexual gratification from happy endings. Read full Forskolin review.
Any adverse events?
Precautions: People affected by anhypnosis or low blood pressure are recommended not to administer natural viagra alternative. Normally, Forskolin causes no after-effects except for increased libido, but if afflicting with essential health problems or taking other drugs, consult your physician. Read more –

The ways of ordering Forskolin?

Booking Forskolin in private and in online regime as we accept all main credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and AMEX and PayPal too. All payment ways are safe and tested. If eager to charge by means of bank remittance, let us know please.

The terms of transportation of tablets?
The tablets are most normally transported to the person once his card is examined (usually it takes 24 hrs from the moment of placing the order). One’s package will be dispatched per International Airmail from New Zealand and will get to you within two weeks. Forskolin can be transported by us to any country apart from Norway. Read about porn induced erectile dysfunction.

What guarantee do I gain?
Provided you are not satisfied with results of taking Barrenwort, you have the right to return them to us during 60 days from the moment of acquisition on, and we guarantee to offset all expenses (if there do not occur transporting and servicing) to all unopened packages and even opened one if it’s fully empty at all! Get in touch with us to know give-back guidelines.

Customers Testimonials of viagra alternative natural

My sexual appetite has risen considerably, and my sweetie goes raunchy now much faster than before. When we made love before, she was in blue for all the time, and I caught buzz by myself only. I did my best to persuade her to take viagra alternative natural as the easiest way of increasing sexual drive, and it helped from the first try. It’s obvious for me now that sex has become a part and parcel of our daily life and it feels like having made us even more intimate with each other
Mat, NYC

info3Me and my better have taken viagra alternative natural for enhancing mutual sexual fulfillment for some time already, and it must be admitted that it works pretty good. My penis stands for longer now and pleases my wife longer before I cum down! And mind that my wife is enjoying several orgasms for one time at first for all her life! Of course, we’re gonna get more lamb herb
Peter, PA

After years of happy life in marriage, my husband has almost gone no toothpaste in the tube unfortunately, but we both yearned for setting us both on sexual fire over! Still, it had to be some herbal and secure medicine. Having laid hands on your web-service, I marked Forskolin for both of us and ordered it online taking all risks of getting it shipped. Thanks goodness, all risks justified and I safely received our viagra alternative natural pills right after 8 days from the moment of ordering. Additionally, they all were thoroughly packed as stated on the original resource. After taking tablets just for some days, we both went much faster excited, and after some weeks, the husband’s dysfunction hardships went from good to better. Thanks a lot for marvelous product as it goes with us like adolescents
Kat, UT

Due to that viagra alternative natural, my darling goes tough all the time through! I got it some time ago to make her more sexually driven, but after taking pills for about a month, the one wants me every night, and even two times a night from time to time
Fred, VT

Eager to thank you for providing us with Fairy Wings, and for responding to all my issues concerning this product so immediately! Me and my girl are all into Forskolin! It’s just so difficult to do anything except for love and it helps… you know….
Paul, UK